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Nuna Leaf Wind





Informasi Produk

-The Nuna Leaf Wind enables the Nuna Leaf Curve to swing in the wind on it’s own!

The Nuna Wind has a small motor that simply clicks on to the 2015/2016 Nuna Leaf Curve and fully automates the swinging motion! It has a built-in night light giving some visibility at night time. It has six speeds available to soothe baby. The Nuna Leaf Wind attaches to base of the LEAF CURVE series with just a click.

It has a one-touch sensor control panel that is easy to use. The best part is that no batteries are required. It includes a mini usb cord that works with both a wall plug and battery backup charger.

Recommended use: birth until child weighs approx. 11.5Kg’s or can sit up

The Nuna Wind is compatible with the Australian Nuna Leaf Curve and only with serial numbers SE-10-XXX and SE-30-XXX.. The Australian Nuna Leaf (non curve model) is not compatible – only the Curve models of the Leaf with serial numbers above fit correctly despite other websites incorrect advice on this.