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Elipse Suction Bowl With Lid Stage 2





Informasi Produk

Used when you want your kid to practise self-feeding. The suction stops them from throwing, flipping or pushing the bowl, leaving you to focus more on teaching your kid the right technique to eating and holding cutlery.

From feeding your child, to teaching them to self-feed, eLIpse bowls are not only thoughtful in design, but also in its whole creation. It’s time to say goodbye to your daily struggles!

Sourcing only the best and safest food-grade materials, the bowls are produced and made in Singapore, where quality comes second to none. All finished products are tested BPA/BPS free, alongside all other possible toxic chemicals associated with plastics and dyes used.

Parents and children will have a huge vantage point in having control over food contents. Our smart-edge technology is designed to minimise over-bowl messes and spills.

In Packaging: 1 x bowl with lid and suction