Bugaboo Ant Style Set Complete





Product Information

Introducing the Bugaboo Ant — Bugaboo's lightest, most compact travel stroller yet. Whether you’re ready for your next big adventure or prefer to stay closer to home, the Bugaboo Ant is packed full of smart and thoughtful features that make travelling with children easier and more enjoyable.

Complete your stroller with a Bugaboo Ant Style Set Complete. This style set will give your stroller a strong and eye-catching look, and keep your child comfortable and protected in any weather. It has everything you need to complete or refresh the look of your stroller, including a sun canopy, seat fabric and headrest fabric.

Key Features:

- Easy to attach to and remove from your stroller

- A complete set to give your stroller a stylish look

- Comes with everything to give comfort and protection for your child

What's in the box?:

* Seat fabric

* Headrest fabric

* Sun canopy fabric

* Wheel caps

* Side panels