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Enssu Automatic Inhaling Hair Clipper





Product Information

Product Description:

Cordless Use:

Comes with an USB charging cable, this baby hair clipper can be charged by desktop, laptop, portable source, etc.

No More Fears and Tears:

This ultra slient baby hair clipper has a low working noise which is less than 45db, making the babies no fear to the hair-cut. Also, the cordless capacity is so wonderful for the haircut and it will not wake babies up even when they are sleeping.

Safe Ceramic Blade:

The sharp and clean ceramic blade is designed for 0-12 years old baby. Easily to cut the hair without snagging or pulling of the hair. With 0.5mm gap to the skin offers full protection to avoid getting hurt.

Automatic inhaling Broken Hair:

It will auto inhaling the hair debris into the clipper body, self shorn hair storing cell for one haircut’s storage. No more mess!

(Notice: If the hair is too long please use a scissor to cut it shorter first and then use the hair clipper. Because if the hair is too long, the hair can’t be inhaled inside the hair clipper or it will stuck the fan inside)

Safety child lock:

Although the fan do no harm to the fingers, we still design a child lock for double assurance.