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1. How do I know the status of my order?

The current status of your order will be made by clicking "TRACK ORDER" in the top left bar

How do I find the product I want?

You can search for the products you want by using the search feature on the birdsnbees.co.id website

Can I cancel my order?

Order cancellation can be done if order is still in Pending status and payment has not been successfully confirmed. For processing or paid order orders, orders can not be canceled.

Is the product already purchased refundable?

If the product received is not in accordance with expectations, the submission of the return can be done no later than 5 working days after receipt of the goods. Make sure the product is still intact and unopened (terms and conditions apply).

Will my order be processed if I order on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays?

Your order will still be processed on Saturday and Sunday (Slow Response). Deliveries will be made on Monday. Currently orders are not processed and shipped on National holidays.

Can I purchase with COD system?

The COD option is still not available.

I want to ask for more information about the product, what do I need to do?

If the information you want is not available in the Description or Additional Info fields, contact Customer Service birdsnbees.co.id via Quick Message (in HOME), Line, WhatsUp or Email and we will help you find out the information you want.

Does birdsnbees.co.id have a retail store?

Yes, please click on the "STORES" menu located at the bottom of the birdsnbees.co.id website

What brands of products are provided on birdsnbees.co.id?

The latest product information can be seen on the website birdsnbees.co.id by clicking on the menu "BRAND"

Can I request a refund?

You may request a refund if the desired product is not available or received in an unexpected condition. If the product has been received, please send it back in accordance with the stages listed on the menu "RETURN POLICY". Refunds will be made according to the selected payment method.

11.    What are the payment methods available at birdsnbees.co.id today?

Payments can be made according to the selected payment method. Currently birdsnbees.co.id offers 3 shopping payment methods:

Bank Transfer: BCA (Transfer), Mandiri (Transfer)

Credit Card (Visa & Master published Indonesia).

Purchases in Store.

How to check my payment status?

The current status of your order will be sent via email listed on the order.

How do I make a payment with Bank Transfer?

Payment Methods Bank Transfer is a payment method by transferring funds to PT Nana Trend Lestari account through non-cash ATM, m-banking or e-banking.

How can I find out the bank account number birdsnbees.co.id?

Bank account numbers are available in your order details. You can now transfer to 2 account options, ie BCA and Bank Mandiri. The birdsnbees.co.id account information is as follows:

- Bank Mandiri: 1190006237752. PT Nana Trend Lestari. KCP Pangeran Jayakarta - Jakarta

- Bank BCA: 065-3037357. PT Nana Trend Lestari. Branch of Tower I Kelapa Gading - Jakarta

Do I need to confirm payment?

Yes, you need to confirm by submitting your payment receipt by entering our "CONFIRM PAYMENT" menu or chat customer service with photo proof of payment 1x24 hours after payment.

How long is the payment deadline after making a product order via Bank Transfer method?

After the order number is received, the time limit for making the payment by bank transfer method is 1x24 hours. To avoid order cancellation automatically, please make payment before the specified time limit.